Crawling still gets you there.

Well, test week is in the books for my third powerlifting meet and I must say I am pleasantly displeased. Yeah, a very contradictory statement. But what do you expect from a Gemini. At the beginning of this training block, I felt very beast-like! I was ready to go out and wrestle a bear or two just for fun. I hit some huge PR’s over my last meet numbers and truly felt 100% physically and even moreso mentally.

And then there was meet prep.

I can honestly say, this meet prep block officially kicked my ass (for alot of reasons that I won’t bore you with), but my body is destroyed.

Although mentally I’m more sound than ever, I didn’t feel 100% physically this week and I’m not quite sure why? Most people would say it’s the 13 lb. weight loss since the training block started. But I personally am enjoying the new body I am in and it feels fucking strong (minus the meet prep fatigue). I hit all of my training numbers this cycle, ate properly for the first time in my life and actually rested. But I didn’t put up the numbers during testing that I had hoped for.

So now what?

Now, I count the days down until the meet and let this knowledge fester in my head like an open wound and get ready to use it. Knowledge is power. I’m pissed, disappointed and perplexed…but so ready to prove all of my self doubt wrong, yet again!

Everything in my life seems to follow this predictable pattern. Good, better, shitty, and best. I’ll take it. Everything always turns out okay. Whether it is strategic timing, sheer luck or a higher power watching over me…things always work out how they should.

Not to mention, stepping out on the platform does something to a person, or at least to me. I love my heart racing in my chest, metal blasting through my headphones, and the adrenalin rushing through my body. I love being scared shitless to take that first squat and being enraged with anger to fight through a heavy deadlift and reach the top.

Note: (I think I may have truly become a powerlifter based on those last few sentences that just spewed out of my brain and onto my fingertips.)

With the impending doom of 50 approaching rather rapidly, you would think I have given it some serious thought. But I already have that one wrapped up. Life is beginning again at 50 and it’s gonna be kick-ass! Done. Just send presents!

However, I am very excited to start training again so I can adjust my flaws, fix my shit and get stronger. Training for me is kind of like a legal “feel-good” drug, besides cannabis. And there’s alot to be said for that (not much really excites me anymore)!

The truth is, progress takes time. There are no shortcuts. Thank goodness I have plenty of time. You have to crawl before you can walk. Sometimes you have to limp while you’re walking…but you keep on going. Life is never easy. Neither is powerlifting. But the rewards in the end will always be worth the struggle!

One thought on “Crawling still gets you there.”

  1. I know what you mean re: being the mindset just before competition. I’m 2 weeks from my next competition and, as usual, my joints are feeling it big time. One of the joys of being slightly north of 50. I’ve only done a few competitions at this point, but so far I’ve noticed the “beat to hell” phase each time I’m about 3 weeks out…


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